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How To Attract A Unicorn Woman When Couple Looking For Unicorn Online? 

couple looking for unicorn

There are many couples, who desire to have a threesome. This is not so natural but desires cannot be controlled, it is a fantasy that takes over the couple’s mind and has to be converted in reality. The couples will keep on having these discussions and thoughts until they finally do it for their own enjoyment.


You are supposed to let your self be free, in regard to your fantasy. This is the reason that unicorn dating exists, and there are many unicorn dating sites that let you take these decisions easily that whether you should have a threesome or not. In order to do this, we want to say that it takes a lot of courage and guts to finally decide that you guys as a couple want to do threesome by hiring some Unicorn dating. Basically, this means that you are sharing your partner and your fantasies with another third party which can be sometimes difficult. And there are factors such as finding the trustworthy unicorn can be a hectic job.


So you might be insecure about the fact that how you are going to find a unicorn. The main concern here is that not an individual but a couple has to agree upon the choice of the unicorn which can be not possible at times.


Ou should only continue reading this, if you are an open-minded couple and are not having issues such as doubts and insecurities. First of all you as a couple should discuss all the pros and cons of having the threesome or hiring a unicorn. If you are one of that couple that is happy with their sex life then you might not be sure that you are going to hire a unicorn or not. If anyone of you has the fantasy and the partner is not ready to do this then you should not force this into your relationship. Here are few tips regarding the couple looking for unicorn.


1. Take help on unicorn dating sites:


Basically, unicorns are the people who are ready to sleep with the couple without any issue and this is the reason why there are many unicorn sites available. Unicorn’s concept might sound mythical and weird to you but it does exist. It might be stuck in your head that you have to do it in your life that as a couple you can have a threesome. But, the issue is finding your perfect match that can be done by hitting up the internet as there are many unicorn dating sites available that can help you out in finding the perfect match for you. Obviously, the choice of two people is involved in it which means that you have to find someone who meets the choice of you as a couple. It does not matter in the unicorn, that what gender you prefer because every gender is available.


The Internet can be the most useful tool in order to find the unicorn. All you have to do is that you can create a profile on the unicorn dating sites and you are good to go. Few examples of the sites are OKcupid, Fetlife or AdultFriendFinder. But you have to specifically mention that you are looking for a unicorn because everyone does not want to get into with a couple. The unicorns are mostly found from social apps such as Tinder.


2. Explain your unicorn relationship, clearly:


Whenever you are setting up a profile online you should make sure that you have mentioned each and everything clearly about your requirements. This also means that your communication should be clear without any sort of doubt and awkward behavior. You have to know that in case you want to have a threesome, you should find a unicorn. You have to create your profile as a couple which means you also have to give a whole description about yourself, it should be stated that what you are looking for. You can also put up a hot photo which will make it easy for them to decide. You should create your profile by keeping in mind that what should be attracting the unicorn towards your offer.


You should absolutely treat the unicorns well because they’re facilitating you and you want to be safe around them as it is the matter of trust. You have to remind yourself that no matter how the unicorn is going to satisfy you or entertain you or is providing the pleasure they are also human beings and should be treated like one. No one wants to just get used, do not make them feel like. Show them that you are so excited about having the threesome with them and as you might have chosen the one from many options, you should tell them why they are the perfect match.


3. Prepare before having a unicorn


In case you have certain requirements, then you should deal with them in advance. All of your conditions should be told to the unicorn in advance. This means in order to do a successful threesome you will have to decide each and every detail in advance. It includes not keeping any sort of secrets, keep a track of your needs with them. Take your time discussing with them that how you want to do it, also take all the precautionary measures beforehand be clear about the risks such as the STDs and pregnancy.




Better communication and an effective one is the key to have a threesome. Because the unicorn is going to meet you for the first time and you might be more comfortable because you are a couple and he or she is getting into all this all alone. You have to make them comfortable and at ease before getting started. This also motivates them to try their best to give you the desired pleasure and will be definitely doing anything you want them to do.


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